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Arizona Admission Laws

Arizona Supreme Court Rules (R. 31 et seq.) regulates the Arizona Bar admission.  Applicant should have completed law from a law school approved by the American Bar Association.  An attorney already practicing law in any other jurisdiction can apply if s/he has been practicing for the past five years immediately preceding the application.

Minimum age of admission to bar is 21 years.  Exams conducted are the Multistate Bar Examination, and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination with scaled score of 85 and essay.

Supreme Court is the governing body.  There is not residency requirement.  According to R. 33(c), other state attorneys are not required to undergo bar entrance exam, and they are permitted to appear in cases ad hoc.  All attorney authorized to practice in Arizona should undergo a Mandatory Continuing Legal Education.

Committee on Examination:

“(c) Applicant Requirements and Qualifications.

1. On the basis of an application for admission properly and timely filed, with all required supporting documents and fees, the applicant will be certified to sit for the bar examination.

2. No applicant shall be recommended to the practice of law in Arizona by the Committee on Character and Fitness unless the Committee is satisfied:

A. that the applicant is or at the time of the examination will be over the age of twenty-one years;

B. that the applicant is of good moral character;

C. that the applicant is mentally, emotionally and physically able to engage in the practice of law, and possesses the required knowledge of the law to do so;

D. that the applicant is a graduate with a juris doctor from a law school provisionally or fully approved by the American Bar Association at the time of graduation; provided that this requirement shall not apply to an applicant who has been actively engaged in the practice of law in some other state or states for at least five of the last seven years prior to filing an application for admission to practice in Arizona; and

E. that, if ever admitted to practice law in any jurisdiction, foreign or domestic, the applicant is presently in good standing, or that the applicant resigned in good standing or is capable of achieving good standing status in that jurisdiction.

3. The Committee on Character and Fitness shall endeavor to complete its inquiries, some or all of which may be delegated to the National Conference of Bar Examiners, so as to be in a

position to recommend for or against a successful examinee’s admission to the state bar no later than the time the results from the bar examination are available. This time limitation is

aspirational only, and may be extended for further inquiry and formulation of a recommendation when the circumstances of a case so require.”

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