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Louisiana Admission Laws

Louisiana admission laws are set forth in the Louisiana Revised Statutes, and the Supreme Court Rules.  The admitting body is the Committee on Bar Admissions appointed by the Louisiana Supreme Court.  The applicant should graduate from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association.  All members are required to undergo Mandatory Continuing Legal Education for 12.5 hours yearly.  Other state attorneys are not permitted to practice in Louisiana unless licensed by the Louisiana Supreme Court.

 Minimum age of admission is 18 years.  The admission exam consists of two parts, first part is a multi-part written exam, and part two is the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination.  The applicant should be a lawful resident of the United States.  In case of an alien s/he should be authorized to lawfully practice in United States.

La. R. Con’t Legal Educ. 3 reads in part:
     “ (a) Each Member shall attend, or complete an approved substitute for attendance, a minimum of twelve and one half (12.5) hours of approved CLE each calendar year. [Amended effective January 1, 2003.]

   (b) Any newly admitted active Member shall, during the year of his or her admission through the next calendar year, attend twelve and one half (12.5) hours of approved CLE and not less than eight (8) of such hours shall concern legal ethics, professionalism, or law office management. A newly admitted active member is not required to comply with subsections (a) or (c).”

La. R.S. 37:214 reads in part:

§ 37:214. Visiting attorneys of other states; reciprocity
   Except as provided in this Section, no person licensed or qualified to practice as an attorney at law or as an attorney and counsellor at law in any other state and temporarily present in this state shall practice law in this state, unless he has been first duly licensed to practice law by the supreme court of this state or unless he acts in association with some attorney duly licensed to practice law by the supreme court of this state.”

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