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Maryland Admission Laws

Maryland admission laws are set forth in the Rules Governing Admission to Bar, and under title 10 of Business Occupations and Professions Code.  Admitting body consists of: Maryland Court of Appeals, and the State Board of Law Examiners (“board”).  Required exams are Multistate Bar Examination, Multistate Performance Test, and essay exam.

Minimum age of admission to the Bar is 18 years; however candidates under 18 years can also take the exam.  The applicant should be a juris doctor or equivalent from a law school accredited by the board.  Undergraduates should have completed adequate academic work to enter law school approved by the American Bar Association.  Out of state attorneys are admitted to practice under Maryland Bar, provided the attorney qualifies the Bar admission rules, and passes the specific examination meant for out of state attorneys.  Maryland does not mandate continuing legal education.


Ҥ 10-103. Rules for admission to Bar
   (a) In general. — Subject to this title, the Court of Appeals shall adopt rules that govern the standards and procedures for admission to the Bar.
(b) Minimum requirements. — The rules under this section shall include provisions for:
   (1) a uniform system of Bar examination in the State;
   (2) the registration of each applicant for admission to the Bar;
   (3) the qualifications of each applicant for admission to the Bar;
   (4) the examination of the character of each applicant for admission to the Bar; and
   (5) the fees to be paid by an applicant.”

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