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Missouri Admission Laws

Missouri admission laws are stated in the Supreme Court Rules, and Title 32 of Missouri Annotated Statutes.  Missouri Supreme Court is the admitting body.  Applicant should hold a juris doctorate degree from a law school approved by American Bar Association.

The applicant should be a citizen or a permanent resident of U.S.  If the applicant is an alien s/he should be authorized to work in U.S.  Recognized exams are Multistate Bar Examination, Multistate Essay Examination, and Multistate Performance test.  Applicant should also pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination with a scale score of 80.

Attorneys from other states are admitted to practice in Missouri without exam, if s/he has practiced or taught law during five out of ten years immediately preceding the application, and that the other state reciprocates to Missouri by admitting Missouri attorneys.  Additionally, the attorney from other state should meet the general requirements for admission to Missouri Bar.

Each attorney should dedicate 15 hours yearly for Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”).  An year according to the Missouri CLE calendar is from July 1 through June 30 of next year.

Mo. Sup. Ct. R. 8.03

“8.03. Requirements for Admission to the Bar
   (a) Every applicant for admission to the Bar of this state shall meet the following requirements:
(1) Comply with all provisions set out in this Rule 8;
(2) File all application forms prescribed by the board and pay all prescribed fees;
(3) Either:
(A) Pass the Missouri bar examination and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination as set out in Rule 8.08; or
(B) Satisfy the requirements for admission as set out in Rule 8.10 or Rule 8.105;
(4) Be a citizen or national of the United States, an immigrant alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States, or an alien otherwise authorized to work lawfully in the United States;
(5) Satisfy the legal education requirements set out in Rule 8.07, Rule 8.10, or Rule 8.105; and
(6) Receive the approval of the board as to eligibility for admission and character and fitness.
(b) An applicant seeking readmission to the bar because of disbarment by this Court is not required to meet the requirement set out in Rule 8.03(a)(6).
(c) If an applicant has not satisfied all requirements for admission to the Bar of this state within one year after the date of written notification to the applicant of successful completion of the Missouri bar examination, the applicant’s examination scores shall be void; provided, however, that the board may extend the time period specified in this Rule 8.03(c) for good cause shown.”

Mo. Sup. Ct. R. 15.05

“15.05. Continuing Legal Education Requirements
   (a) After July 1, 1988, each lawyer shall complete and report during each reporting year at least fifteen credit hours of accredited programs and activities. Credit hours of accredited programs and activities completed pursuant to subdivisions (e) and (f) of this Rule 15.05 may be used to fulfill the requirements of this subdivision (a). Not more than six other credit hours may consist of self-study, videotape, audiotape or other similar programs or activities that are accredited programs or activities. A speaker at an accredited program or activity may receive credit for preparation time and presentation time. An author of written material published or to be published by an accredited sponsor or in a professional journal or as a monograph may receive credit for research time and composition time.

(b) A lawyer completing more than fifteen credit hours of accredited programs and activities during one reporting year may receive credit in the next succeeding reporting year for the excess credit hours. Credit hours for accredited programs or activities completed within six months before July 1, 1988, may be reported to comply with the provisions of this Rule 15 for the initial reporting year.

(c) A lawyer is not required to complete or report any credit hours in the reporting year in which the lawyer is initially licensed to practice law in this state except as provided in subdivisions (d) and (e) of this Rule 15.05. Any lawyer not an active judge who, during a reporting year, has neither engaged in the active private or public practice of law in Missouri nor held himself out as an active practicing lawyer in Missouri shall not be required to complete or report any credit hours during that reporting year. Upon written application and for good cause shown, waivers or extensions of time of the credit hour or reporting requirements of this Rule 15 may be granted in individual cases or classes of cases involving hardship or extenuating circumstances.”

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