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Prepaid Legal Plans

Usually associated with employers, unions, or credit union membership, prepaid legal plans oper-ate like prepaid health organizations. Participants pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to legal advice and/or legal representation from one of the plan’s member attorneys. However, most plans limit the number of services and/or number of hours of legal assistance each month. Also, types and costs for different services can vary from plan to plan. If, after consulting with legal counsel under the plan, it is determined that litigation or more intense legal work will be required, additional charges (established up front with plan membership) will apply. Additional information about prepaid legal plans can be obtained from American Prepaid Legal Services Institute (APLSI), 321 North Clark Street, Chicago IL 60601 (312) 988-5751, Web site at www.aplsi.org. APLSI is affiliated with the American Bar Association.

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